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What is Guy Fawkes Day?

App on my phone informed me today is Guy Fawkes day in England?  What is that?  Apparently, some guy trying to vote with barrels of gunpowder and so now they burn him in effigy every year on November 5th!  Now you’re that bit smarter… okay you have one more nugget of useless information lodged in your head that may just have pushed some important memory out of your head!

The house is gone, the money is in my bank account and I’m just that little bit less stretched and stressed.  Working on the next, have two offers out, hope I don’t get them both!  Cold and windy in Utah today, truck is rocking here at the truck stop.  Utah has the cleanest, best serviced rest stops of any state I’ve driven through, by far!




We are in escrow!

17 days and the house is gone, ended up getting a little more than the initial asking price!  A friend in the know suggested that I was at the lower end of the range and to up the price, then offer a discount to any prospective buyers that viewed it…. 9 days later I got two offers.

It’s been a nerve-wracking few months and having to pay the taxes and utilities have eaten into the profits a little but I am very happy with the net gain, fingers crossed!  I was PO’d last week as some AH tagged the fence in three places, ended up being easier to replace the 6 or 7 boards than it was to get the paint off them.

The first one is down and done, onto the next as soon as possible I think.  I have been reading up on how to buy cheap, where the good deals can be found and even found a couple of people that wholesale houses for a fast profit without doing anything to them.


Sorry, kind of forgot about this!

What with the summer and the kids and vacation and all the other stuff life throws at us forgot to keep this up.  Kid must of been busy to as he didn’t remind me like he had been doing. well an update on the house, we’ve had a couple of offers, but nothing close to what I think it’s worth or what I want to let it go for, but it’s getting to a point where I’m going to have to take an offer if I want to make anything at all out of this.

Put a lot of time into it and want to redeem a decent wage for my labors.  Anyone want a house in Hanford?


Getting Nervous!

It’s only been a couple of weeks but we haven’t had a single call or anything, not even a looky loo trying to find out the asking price.  I’ve got signs out front and have listed it on a couple of websites and even tried a couple of Craigslist ads.

Paying for water, trash and power.  Insurance was one thing I stupidly forgot to figure in and have that dripping cash from my wallet too.  Was going to run without it, but it seems an awful big gamble especially as it is sat there empty.  Beginning to think putting blinds in it so it might at first glance look occupied might not be a bad idea.   I did put a cheapo motion activated light on the garage to deter trespassers for what it’s worth.

Not going to sweat it, patience is the virtue to a good profit or so I read!  But I really want to yell “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

Almost want to drive over there and push the empty garbage cans to the street each week just to have them “emptied” just so I feel like I am getting something for my money!

Headed to Salt Lake City with the Teen as my co-driver!


It’s done!

sell house fastWe are finished and on the market!  Got a little more in it than I budgeted for, but it also looks better than I  had imagined it could when we started.  Think my wife thought I was crazy when I took a load of dirty dishes from home to the house to test the dishwasher.  Said I could run it empty to do that but that just seemed wasteful.  I’ve even taken a shower over here to make sure the water pressure and temperature felt good, should probably have remembered there were no drapes up before walking into the kitchen to answer my phone!  Oopsy.

Grass is only three weeks since seeding and I’ve had to pay the kid to come over and water it every night I am away, which has driven the wife crazy as she has to drive him and drag along the little one.  I’m trying sale by owner, really don’t want to give a large piece of my profit to a realtor.  I see companies that claim they are Fast House Buyers with signs along the roads or on Google, but I am sure they won’t offer near what I want for it, as they are probably looking to make a quick buck from the process.

A neighbor of the Hanford house brought over a pie as a house warming gift, didn’t have the heart to tell her I was just going to flip it and have no intention of moving in, but I will try to find her a good neighbor! (As long as they pay my asking price.)  Looking on Zillow at the area, hoping I can squeeze about $30,000 out of it for my time, sweat, tears and blood!

Looking forward to four days off from the road that I don’t have to have a hammer or saw in my hand.  Tomorrow I am teaching the kid to grill, got friends and family over for some BBQ and companionship (might even squeeze a beer or three in!).  Can’t wait to try some new Mesquite seasoning on the tri-tip,  picked it up my past time in Texas.  Driving a load to Roswell at the end of this week and my kid really want’s to come with me to see if we can see any aliens….

Have a good 4th and stay safe!


Tiles Done!

Took way longer than it should of but the bathroom tile is done, 1 little piece is still bugging the crap out of me but it’s down, and for me looks good enough.   Now I’m wondering whether paying someone to do it in an afternoon rather than the large number of hours I put into it might balance saving money with good use of time.

Repair bathroom floor (Done and Tiled)
Replace Garage Door (Done)
Replace 3 window frames, refinish rest.  (All Done)
Replace all door locks (done)
Clear out the trash and clean the place stem to stern (Done)
Fix sheetrock (Done).
Fix a couple of plumbing leaks (done).

What is still to do is painting the rest of it, got the bathroom done and the one bedroom the kid did.  I picked up a dishwasher and an almost new stove on Craiglist for next to nothing out of Tulare, going to have to adjust the cabinet for the dishwasher, the last one must have been an odd size.

I’m planning on refinishing all the cabinet doors in the kitchen, they are a little rough but now I am wondering if just buying some cheap replacement doors from Lowes might be faster, and possibly cheaper!  Wife also pointed out there are 4 different types of door handles throughout the house, and it would look better if they matched.  Found some cheap on that look decent at least on the screen, brushed aluminum.  However I can not find a matching one with a lock for the bathroom, so either needs a separate lock on the bathroom door or a slightly mismatched handle.

The commander in chief was planning the color schemes for this house, and now she seems to be gathering the troops to redo our house…..

Think I will order them and then hope something in HD or lowes comes close.


They told me so!

Got home late and the wife and kid insisted I drag my sorry butt to the house… pulled into the drive and my 14 year old giggling like his baby sister takes a remote out of his pocket, opens the door and closes it, and the damn garage door stays shut, does it three more times to prove his point!

Aparrentlymy better half read the manual and had him climb on a step ladder and adjust some screw on the side of the closer that adjusts the stop point for closing.

Apparently I’m taking them up to the Savemart Center to see some band next weekend as a reward.

I hate when they gang up on me, aren’t son’s supposed to be your wingman?

Mal (with support from K and Jr.)